Michel Sogny method in Budapest

The Michel Sogny method

Michel Sogny

SOS Talents Foundation


Beginnings in Hungary...

The method that has helped 20.000 people to learn to play the piano!!!


In Hungary, you can meet the teaching method of Michel Sogny only here.

If you want to learn to play the piano, write to the following address (regardless of age):



May the joy of playing the piano belong to everyone!


Pedagogical presentation

in the Béla Bartók Memorial House

in November 2015

(29 Csalán út, 2nd district, Budapest)


The training is lead by pianist Gabriella Szentpéteri, representative of the Michel Sogny Method in Hungary, in Hungarian and French languages.


A detailed personal contract can be received in telephone 06/30-26-44-922 or in e-mail-adresse szega54@gmail.com



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