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Beginnings in Hungary...

Beginnings in Hungary...


Introducing press conference of Abisso Ltd. was held in one of the banquet-halls of Four Seasons Gresham Palace Budapest on October 25, 2007. Director Michel Sogny briefly presented his ideas, primarily about introducing concerts of students, who were grown up under the support of SOS Talents Foundation and have already gained international reputation. 


Yana Vassilieva

Yana Vassilieva

The first concert after the press conference was the piano recital with great success of Yana Vassilieva, a 21 years old pianist from St. Petersburg in Duna Palace on October 28, 2007. The young Russian virtuosic pianist has been following Maestro Sogny’s methodology for two years and achieved two remarkable international successes in last autumn. In September she became the finalist of the Clara Haskil International Piano Competition takes place every two years in Vevey (Switzerland), and then in October she won the First Prize of the Bremen Piano Competition. 


First Hungarian supported pianist of SOS Talents Foundation is Ádám Szokolay, a special talented 11 years old student of Liszt Ferenc Academy of Music. After a 3 months additional training course according to methodology compiled by Sogny, Ádám took his first steps in Paris, where he appeared at the Evening Gala of SOS Talents Foundation on December 13, 2008. 


Main aim of our work is the extension of support of the Foundation to other young Hungarian talented students, whose audition took place in January 2008.


The first concert of the New Year was the piano recital of Ramzi Yassa on January 20, at the Old Academy of Music, a quick understudy for Tamara Beraia, who got ill. New location of our concerts is the Liszt Ferenc Memorial Museum (Old Academy of Music), which provides an opportunity for the audience to visit also some exhibitions.

 Elisso Bolkvadze 

 Third recital of our series took place on April 20, 2008 at the Old Academy of Music, where Elisso Bolkvadze played pieces by Mozart, Beethoven, Prokofjev and Sogny. On Sunday after the concert an interview with her could be heard by the radio broadcast New Musical Report (Új Zenei Újság), at which also her talent and the perfection of her playing were given an appreciation by the critic. 


The Georgian pianist has been studying at Michel Sogny for ten years, before her world career began. Her name is well known in famous concerts halls of Europe and America, she has been a soloist with outstanding symphony orchestras. Ms. Bolkvadze has a large repertoire, in addition to the classical and romantic piano literature; pieces from the 20th century are also interpreted by her.


The first Budapest concert of SOS Talents Foundation took place at the Old Academy of Music on Saturday, July 19, 2008.




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